Prompt Series [Setting Tone with Scenery]

The advice not to begin a story with scenery or weather has been tossed around commonly for a while now and to me it is ludicrous. It’s been said that such an opening doesn’t draw a reader in and doesn’t say anything, but that’s only the case when the technique isn’t performed properly. There are thousands of writing “rules”, but few, if any, cannot or should not be broken. This prompt series is meant to both give us exercise in the craft and to disprove the existence of hard and fast rules.

Write an opening sentence or paragraph about an environment or the weather that draws the reader into the story. No characters allowed.

Writing Tip: The Glimpse Theory

Since the rise of the self published book industry, the market is flooded with works that aren’t quite up to par. Readers today are not unlike prospectors of the Gold Rush, feverishly scouring the Black Hills for a fleck of gold in the silt. Even a glimpse of it in their proverbial pans is enough to get readers ravenous for your story. Use this to your advantage. Continue reading Writing Tip: The Glimpse Theory

Writers are Underdogs and That’s a Good Thing.

Fortunately, my felllow writer, you are an underdog.

You’ve seen how much competition is out there for you, realized the grand scope of your goal, and that few of those who wanted the same thing actually got it.

You’ve shared your aspirations with friends, family, and colleagues and probably been told you shouldn’t waste your time. They might have said that writing should be something to daydream about or save for retirement. Ridicule on some level has probably become a common thing.

How lucky you are! Continue reading Writers are Underdogs and That’s a Good Thing.

Trick Yourself Into Writing More: The Stride Point

For too many years, I’ve fought with myself to write as much as humanly possible and in short amounts of time. Setting the goal to write and edit a whole book in a single month was an easy task, but the pressure of completing it always got to me. The more I thought about the massive goal ahead of me, the less I was able to focus on actually achieving it, too intimidated to do much more than plot and plan. It just didn’t work.

But I finally figured out a method to trick myself to write more, write consistently and without worry. I found my stride point.

Continue reading Trick Yourself Into Writing More: The Stride Point

Lore: The Peacekeepers of Dahlmag

Scholar Corres of Irmark

45, 254

From war comes disorder, from disorder spreads violence, and from violence comes peace. But between violence and peace lies the means of achieving that peace. And so often, it is a violent one. For Dahlmag, the Peacekeepers were the means. Continue reading Lore: The Peacekeepers of Dahlmag

Using Bricks to Build

Trauma, heartbreak, pain of the mind, body, and spirit are unavoidable parts of life. Like bricks, one or two small ones may not be much of a burden to carry, but what can you do when the weight becomes too much? How can you keep moving when you have to carry a hundred of them at once?

Use your bricks to build.

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